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What are zombies?


Zombies are people whose brain and nerves are being clogged up and don't function well anymore.


I used to be a zombie.

But I did some research and now I'm not.


My research indicates there are several things which produce zombies:

  • Gluten autoimmunity (wheat allergy)

  • Systemic low-level microbial activity


I believe these factors combine to produce pathology  in neurons resulting in cognitive and motor dysfunction.


Yes this is a gluten-free website.  But it's not your ordinary gluten free website.   I don't subscribe to the paradigm that celiac disease causes all kinds of physiological problems due to some vague malabsorption of nutrients.  I believe gluten antibodies directly inflict neurological damage and cause Narcolepsy and a number of other sleep, endocrine and mood disorders.


These ideas came to me in a few flashes of inspiration and I spent about a year finding the evidence to support them.  I am absolutely positive that I have the basics right, but won't be surprised if some of my derived conclusions are wrong.   I have presented the information as I understand it so you can decide for yourself.  


For the record, I am not currently employed by any scientific organization and have no medical credentials.  All my research is done on publicly available databases from my home.   


But I used to be a zombie.

And now I'm not.


Welcome to my paradigm.